Hidup nie kalau pandai empunya badan corakkan..maka BAHAGIA menanti.. :) tapi kalau tersalah pilih pekerja untuk mencorakkan sehelai kain, maka HILANG kualiti. Orang kata kualiti i2 penting, jadilah macam SIRIM!! KUALITI itu penting, baru tenang hidup.. He3^^~ Mek Tie

Jumaat, 15 April 2011

Ehehehehe ^_^

Today is Thursday.. [everyone knew that!!!] [hahahahaha].. I was attend my class same like another week. For this day, I have a story to share with you guys. [what?? cestory cestory- the Usop Wheelchair version] [hahahaha].. It about 'helping each other' and 'someone who are very kind'. This story very touching [kuikuikuikuikui ^_^V] because i'm really appreciate what he doing for me. Who is he?? [Hi3]. 

This morning, in the Economic class, our lecterer do open book test quiz. But, students can't discussing each other. In the other word, all student  must be silent. I sit with my group member. Group 9. Behind me is 'Abang Sunjay Duth'..[Hi3]..Two of eight my group member was absent. I don't knew why. But i'm really sure that girl already mention that we are going to do a quiz today. 

Our lecturer was opened L.C.D and show a question. There have three question only. First  question and second for me it not really hard to answered. But, the third question very killer question for who are not expert in math!! [One of them is ME!! ;-( ].. For the sub question [a] i can answer because it need student minus [-] the item. But for the four sub question, I can't answer. [ I feel very bad!! -_-"]. This quiz totally for ten mark!! It very help in final examination at 24th of May!!.. [Hu3]..

I don't know what must I do to answer all the question. [Hu3]. At the same time, my lecturer went to her room to take the attendant list. Behind me, 'Abang Sunjay' [ I'm not trying to remember his name because his name very hard to me for remembered].. [hahahahahaha]. He is Indian. 'Abang Sunjay' asked me 'my little sister, you can answered or not??'. I just smile with a very sweetest smile.. [hehehehe #_#].. "Actually, I can't answered this question. I don't understand and i'm very weak in Math!!".. [Huhuhuhu].

'Abang Sunjay' is my group leader. He is very handsome and very kind person. I'm still remember on the our presentation day. I'm very nervous. 'Abang Sunjay' said '' it very easy sis, dont worry''..''do your best''... [waaaaaa!!!!]...[like my ex-adviser] [huhuhu].. Actually, i'm very lucky person because i'm one of the group [I mean--> group with senior..hahahahaha ^_^].. 'Abang Sunjay is final student. He is taking Multimedia course.

Continue about the quiz, he [abang sunjay] give her answer but I already told her that I shy. He said 'dont answer like that, you dont want ten mark?? please take my answer, I dont want you send the empty answer'... I dont know what must I say.. 'look, just copy my answer ok' 'hurry up'..

'Two minute left!!'. Dont make this quiz like a you answer a final examination questions'.. My lecturer laugh her own word. 'Abang Sunjay' want me took her answer. He dont want me send the empty answers to our lecturer.. [huhuhu].. he is very kind person.. Our lecturer told that our last class is 18th April at the same time we will had a 'goodbye party'. The class end at 9.30am.

moral of the story: ''we must help people who need our help to facing their problem.. dont be a sellfish person because it not good for our future!! [hihihihihi]

Mek tie agak lemah B.I, kalau tak betul grammar MAKLUMKAN yer.. hu3.. have a nice day!! ^_^V

nie entry kelmarin.. tak sempat tak sempat nak habiskan cerita.. da tertidoq!! ha3

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Siti Aziz berkata...

alamak..dah mcm karangan udak derjah 1...hi3

Ayie berkata...

mane plak.. up sikit.. nih la contoh karangan budak darjah dua.. HAHAHAA

''today is saturday.. tomorow is sunday.. the day after tomorow is superholiday.. Erk..?? Uhh.. oden cuti senin nih.. nak ngangkut mak sedara balik umrah.. hheheehe''

Siti Aziz berkata...

ha3..xpe2...ape y penting...last two day is thursday..hahaha